Set against the backdrop of this extraordinary place in a pivotal time, Tinderbox examines the lives of six very different women, exploring six expressions of love: romantic, forbidden, parental, indebted, sibling, and platonic. This is a modern take on a vibrant period world, and the emotional lives of the women are depicted in contemporary and relatable ways. The world of Tinderbox is dangerous, a pressure cooker that could blow at any moment…the Krakatoa of frontier townships where people settle scores as they see fit.

Client – Small Cow Productions
Services – Visual Identity & Presentation

“I have worked with Dave White from Salted  Caramel studios in the role of creative producer. Dave has a great capacity to listen to a pitch  and to manage the many and varied  voices that are expressing themselves at any one time. As a creative himself he intuitively  understands the scattered nature of forming a singular vision and is able to bring coherent and inspired offers to the table. He is generous and kind in the way he receives information and is able to quickly interpret and augment it. A meeting with Dave will make you feel like you’ve been heard and understood and that anything is possible… he delivers a beautifully realised version of all you need – with so much more than you imagined.”

Nadine Garner – Actor / Creative Producer